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Outdoor Flavors Beer Bread Mix is ideal for breaded meat, fish and vegetable recipes. The easy-to-prepare mix will enhance the flavor of your favorite meals or catch.

Ingredients required:

- Your favorite beer or sparkling water

- Frying oil for cooking

Cooking Instructions:

1. Preheat the frying oil to 350 ° F

2. Add equal parts beer or sparkling water to Outdoor Flavors beer batter mix. (ex. 1 cup for 1 cup)

2. Mix to obtain a fine consistency similar to pancake batter. Add liquid or breading as needed.

3. Dip your fish fillets, meat or vegetables in the batter and place them in the frying oil.

4. Leather up to internal temperature safe for the type of food selected. The suggested internal temperature is generally 160 ° F.

5. Remove them from the oil, squeeze out the excess oil and degest.

Chef's tip: Season your fillets or meat in another Outdoor Flavor dry seasoning before the liquid beer batter mix.


Contains gluten

corn flour, corn starch, wheat flour, maltodextrin, lemon oil, sea salt, seasonings.

Quantity: 315g

Product of Canada