Du nouveau de chez Krytbaits - Février 2019

New from Krytbaits - February 2019

New soft lures from the Krytbaits company have just arrived for ice fishing. A competition was organized to find the names of the youngest.

Here are the new lures that are rather promising for winter fishing and at the start of the season.

The Skinny Fish

This small 3cm lure is made to be used directly on small hooks or ice nymphs. Whether bugs or tear drops, it will add irresistible action to your lures. In addition, the ribs are very interesting to add a little more vibration in the water and to better retain the attractants.

Krytbaits Skinyfish

The Skinnyfish is available here

The Mermaid Tail

This lure measures almost 4 cm and it has a small fishtail which gives an incredible realism to the lure. Its great flexibility and its pronounced ribs can let us predict that these will wreak havoc. Finally, a location is also provided for the hook which offers several mounting possibilities.

Krytbaits Mermaid Tail

Learn more about the Mermaid Tail

The Rippleswim Mini

The Rippleswim Mini is the little brother of the Mermaid Tail. In fact, they are identical in every way except for the tail. This one is equipped with a Paddle Tail to bring a different movement in the water. It would seem that this is the kind of detail that can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day of fishing.

The Krytbaits Rippleswim Mini

To buy the Rippleswim, it's here

The Icyshrimp

Why not add a small 4.5 cm glow shrimp to your arsenal? This small lure imitates a small crustacean that fish particularly appreciate. While fishing with a shrimp, add some Shrimp Flavor Fragrant Potion to it . This will be the ultimate combo to thwart the mistrust of many predators.

To facilitate the assembly of the hook, a slit has been added to the lure and the tail of the latter hides the heads of small jigs rather well!

Krytbaits Icyshrimp

Find the Icyshrimp sheet by clicking here.

1/32 oz tungsten jigs head

Krytbaits tungsten jig heads are finally appearing in stores. These are equipped with a #6 Mustad hook and weigh 1/32 oz. Krytbaits soft lures are generally sold with this type of head which is just perfect for the size of the lure. They will also be available for purchase individually. Other models and weights will of course be added over time.

1/32 oz Round Tungsten Jig Head

Equip yourself now with round tungsten jig head

In conclusion, I hope you will enjoy the latest additions and we look forward to your opinions on the various lures.

Happy fishing everyone!


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