About Aux 2 Pêcheurs

A little history

In 2014, the idea of ​​starting an online fishing tackle shop came about in a discussion with one of Tony's friends, one of the founders during a boat trip. It's a subject like any other, a potential project idea like any other and there is nothing very serious at this moment. The idea nevertheless made some progress unconsciously.


In 2015, the idea of ​​the project came back to the subject again. You may have guessed it, but it's again during a fishing trip with Yannick, the second founder. The result ? Aux 2 Pêcheurs was born. It was one of his decisions that is taken without necessarily thinking about it too long and seriously.


The context

In 2015, the digital shift and e-commerce began to be adopted more and more in Quebec. It is obvious that several small businesses and artisans in Quebec manufacture superb fishing lures. However, they are not necessarily very well known or accessible. In addition, to sell on the internet, you need a certain infrastructure in place and knowledge in different fields.


The initial idea

The basic concept is quite simple, but yet not so easy to implement. Why not bring together the products of several Quebec artisans and businesses on the same platform accessible across Canada? Fishermen will thus have the possibility of buying the lures of several of them in the same place and of discovering craftsmen who are sometimes too small to be present in conventional stores.


Our mission

Our mission at Aux 2 Pêcheurs is to offer our customers quality products from local businesses with good value for money in one place. In a context where climate change threatens the sustainability of fishing and the environment, it is also important for us that our operations be eco-responsible.


Our actions for the environment

Eco-responsible hosting

Our website is hosted by Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform offering carbon neutral hosting since 2018. Additionally, they regularly invest in efforts to address climate issues.

 Learn more about Shopify's commitments to climate change

Carbon neutral delivery

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, we participate in Shopify's Planet program. On each order, an amount is deducted in order to invest in various innovative projects to capture and sequester the C02 for a period that can exceed 1000 years. We are convinced that it is important to do the maximum on this side.

Order packaging

When preparing your orders, it is not uncommon for us to use packaging material present in the various packages we receive. This gives at least a second life to the material. This is the only source of plastic packaging (eg bubble wrap). When recycled material is not available, we usually use kraft paper.

Bulk lures

Several lures are sold in bulk. This reduces the over-packaging of many products that are often sold in small quantities. You can choose the quantity of lures you want. Plus, you're paying for the tackle rather than the packaging, which will end up in the trash or recycling as soon as its contents are added to your tackle box. These can be sent in paper envelopes or polypropylene bags (recyclable) depending on the item chosen and the quantity.

Our values

 The respect

Whether it's a customer, a supplier, an employee or a colleague, they all contribute to the success of the company and deserve respect in our interactions. In addition, we attach importance to respect for the environment, which gives us the chance to practice sport fishing.

 justice and fairness

Our policies and decisions made are intended to treat everyone involved fairly. Problems, even if we do our best to avoid them, are inevitable. We believe that the important thing is to find the fairest possible solution for everyone involved.

 Integrity and honesty

When interacting with our partners and customers, unless it involves confidential information, you will have the right information. After all, it is not in lying that one builds a solid and lasting relationship.

 We hope that this page already gives you a good overview of our company and our core values. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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