Bonne nouvelle pour le prix des permis de pêche 2019-2020 !

Good news for the price of fishing permits 2019-2020!

The price of fishing licenses for 2019-2020 in Quebec , which will be available as of March 15, 2019 , are finally available. For the first time in three years, we are talking about a drop in the price, which is set at $22.79 for anglers aged 65 and under.

The prices in detail are available on the website of the Ministry of Wildlife and Forests and Parks of Quebec (MFFP) on this page:

For several years and especially during the last three years, the price of fishing licenses has increased significantly to reach $30.89 in 2018. We are therefore talking about a significant drop of $8.10 thanks to the coming to power of the CAQ led by François Legault.

Where to buy your permit?

Computerized sales service for MFFP du Québec permits .

In order to successfully reduce the cost of permits, François Legault asked the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Pierre Dufour, to cut red tape. We will probably see in a few months how they did.

As we also know, the number of licenses sold has decreased significantly in recent years. In fact, we are talking about 12,000 fewer fishing licenses sold in Quebec in 2018. The increase in the price of fishing licenses does not seem to be the only cause of this drop.

The aging population and more difficult access to bodies of water are two other probable causes of the drop in sales. According to Stéphanie Vadnais, communications manager for the Quebec Federation of Hunters and Fishermen of Quebec, many followers are now part of the less active population.

Fortunately, many initiatives and programs are emerging to introduce young people to this sport. I am thinking among others of Fish'n Fils which is very present in the various fishing events. Among other things, thanks to generous sponsors, they donate fishing equipment and respite permits to children aged 9 to 12, valid until they are 18 years old.

We can therefore say that the 2019-2020 season is off to a good start. Will the fall in fishing license sales reduce? What will be the government's initiatives to promote wildlife? The future will tell us, but I have at least a small idea of ​​the projects we have in mind to promote Quebec fishing and products.

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